Time saving hacks the next time you decide to host a celebration!

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Okay, I know you probably clicked this blog because like me, how many of us have tried to convince ourselves the night before that we’ll just wing it on the day of hosting the event, then the following day arrives and we realised we messed up…big time. Well, Five Star are here to tell you how to not overwhelm yourself the night before and make sure you can have more time to prepare the food, spend time with the kids and decorate the venue!

The three most important products you can prepare for in advance to take the pressure off:

Fill them lolly bags up!

What often feels like a 2 minute job in our minds actually ends equates to becoming an hour job depending on how many guests are coming, how old, dietary requirements and so forth you have to cater for. Five star Lolly bags offer you three different shapes of lolly bags which are easy to assemble and fill, with our milk cartons, lunch boxes and bonbons. However, make sure you allocate some time for yourself the day or week before to fill these party favours up, making the actual day of the event super easy since they will all be ready to go!

Stack it up! (The tableware I mean)

Another essential that we tend to leave until the last minute because, well, since when did placing cutlery at the table seem so difficult? Well, when you have 20+ guests to cater to, what seemed to be a simple task has all of a sudden became a 1 hour task! A really time savvy method that will save you that excess stress is to simply take all you’re tableware products of their packaging and place the napkin on the plate, along with the cutlery which will save you from having to go around tables several times.

Don’t neglect your famous drink station to the last minute! (Besides, this is where all the fun happens)

Regardless of whether your celebrating a 21st, baby shower or anniversary, every event must include a drink station to keep up the fun spirits! With this being said, we tend to see this job as a last minute one, besides, what could be so tricky to mixing in liquids together in one big bowl to create the perfect punch? Perhaps it isn’t physically having to combine drinks with each other, but when under a ticking time limit, what seemed to be a simple duty of getting all the cups ready and preparing the drinks, has now turned into a nightmare of adding way too much tequila into the punch, rushing into cutting up fruits for a sangria wine (we already know where this is going), to running around with drinks in your hand and by this point you have either slipped over or have given up entirely.

Perhaps let’s mitigate the chance of this ever occurring and allocate an extra hour in the morning for yourself. First thing’s first, if you really want your celebration to go off with a bang, make sure you’ve stocked up shot glasses and line them all out the night before. Why not also grab those classic college party red cups or put a twist on them and go with blue party cups, where you can stack these cups on top of each other to organise half of your drink station. Depending on what you’re celebrating, grab some classy champagne flutes or plastic wine glasses and stack them in a pyramid shape to make your drink station pop as soon as the guests start rolling in. Luckily, all of these fantastic drink products are covered by REDDS which you can purchase directly from our website!

Now last but not least, ensure that you can really take your time in crafting the best sangria or eggnog to make this one of the highlights of your event and without having to worry if your guests are secretly going out the back to tip away your drinks that were unfortunately left until the last minute.

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